Hayden's Life

I want to just share a few of my favorite pictures of Hayden with you. A few of them were taken by my friend Aubre when Hayden was just a few days old, and they turned out ADORABLE! The others are just of him being his cute self. Thanks to everyone who has helped out so much with him. We miss you all so much and love you tons!

I love my new toys! Hayden is just starting to learn how to really hold onto his toys - and guess where they always end up...his mouth!
I caught this picture when he randomly started laughing! I wish my finger weren't in the way.

Aren't I such a big boy! Thanks Mimi for the darling outfit!

Hayden in his Bumbo. Thanks to Aunt Chris and Ali for it!

Isn't he SOOOOO cute!

Sad Boy!


Thanks Aubre for the amazing pictures! You are so good!

Thanks so much mom! I don't know if I could have done this without you...seriously!

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