Hayden REALLY Wants His Fist!!

Tonight we were playing with Hayden and he took a sudden interest in his fist. The fun soon turned to tears, but we still thought it was pretty cute/funny as this was the first time he has really screamed about something. He is the king of being sad one second and then laughing the next and this is a perfect example of it. Hope you enjoy (and don't think we are too bad of parents!)



emily and adrian said...

Tell him to keep it up, and hell be on America's Funniest Home Videos.
Hey, when are you guys going to San Diego? Will you be here March 16th? Let me know!

The Wehrmeister's said...

If both of you are going to San Diego then I don't like either of you. Not Fair.

Kate & Nate said...

Don't be a hater, Jen! You can come along in my suitcase.

Madeline said...

kate - elsie thoroughly enjoyed watching that!!! ali

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

Kate- I want some of the wipe cases for my sister and my friend that are having babies in March!