My Cute Boy

The many faces of Hayden!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I find I am way better at doing a huge post one a month or so than doing a bunch of smaller ones; so once again, if you are brave enough to take on my rambling, enjoy! To begin with, when I was home for my birthday in April, my parents gave me new bedding for our room, but of course I couldn't get it home with me. So a few weeks later, to my surprise, a HUGE box arrived on my front porch filled with all my birthday wishes from my mom. It was like it was my birthday all over again. Hayden thought it was pretty cool too, as the box was five times bigger than he is!

My parents also came out for a week and we had such a good time. We started out the week at Oklahoma Joe's which is a great BBQ joint here in KC. If any of you haven't been there yet, I highly recommend it. My dad thought it was amazing - he would have gone back every night if he could have! Then we headed up to Nauvoo to see the church history sites. Neither of my parents have been there before, so I had a great time showing them around. Here is Hayden with my Mom during one of the shows and us on the wagon ride around Old Nauvoo:

Hayden definetely has Grandma wrapped around his little finger. If he wasn't spoiled before they came to visit, he definetely is now! She has the magic touch at rocking him to sleep and I think they both loved it.

I also enlisted my Mom's help in sewing a new church bag for myself. I made the four below this one for the girls in my Laurel's class all by myself, but when I got the pink one all cut out and started reading the instructions, I realized I was in WAY over my head. I was seriously the most confusing pattern I have ever read, but with my mom's help, we finished it and it turned out darling! Thanks Mom! You saved me!

Hayden is also getting so big. He is rolling around like crazy and loves to eat big boy food. If he ever sees us eating anything, he wants a bite. He is starting to totally interact with everyone around him, so my friend Jen brought her little boy Preston over to play and they were so cute together. Preston is just a week older than Hay, so I'm sure they will be great friends.

Last, but not least, we went to St. Louis this past weekend to say goodbye to Nate's sister Chelsie and her family. They are just finishing up their medical residency there and are moving back to Twin Falls, Idaho. We had a great time shopping, eating way too much, and playing with her adorable twins, Remi and Crew.

Chelsie's friend had this little car that Hayden is in and he loved it. It made all kinds of sounds and bounced, so he was in heaven! I laughed at the second picture because look at Hayden's tummy! He is definetely well fed!

Here is the gang at the fountain in Kirksville. Crew and Remi loved throwing pennies in and are just the cutest. In Kirksville, there is also the most amazing Fiesta store ever. I love my Fiesta dishes and am always looking for new pieces that I don't have. Well, Cornucopia has it all! I have been twice and spent way too much both times. This time, by big splurge was a three set of mixing bowls that are amazing. I'm all excited to have to take a salad somewhere so I can use them! There is also a jewelry store in St. Louis where everything is $1.00. No kidding! I love jewelry, so it was fun to get a few things (OK, a lot of things) and not feel to guilty about it, because there were only a dollar.

All in all, it has been a fun month and we are now excited to head out to Mesa on Wednesday to stay with our friends Tricia and Butch for the 4th of July. Then fun never stops!


The Wehrmeister's said...

Yes, Pres and Hayden will be Best of Friends. Hayden will teach Pres how to sit up nice and tall, and Pres will teach Hayden how to roll down a flight of stairs... because that is our accomplishment for this week.

Aby Runyan said...

I'm so jealous of the dollar jewelry store! If we ever take a trip to St. Louis I am definately going there!!
luvs, aby

Colten,Melissa&GwynRogers said...

I love your new church bag its way cute!

Eran and Aubre said...

Dang girl, your traveling all over the place! =O) And oh my heck, your boy just keeps getting cuter and cuter each day! What an awesome bag Kate! =o) I LOVE IT!

B.J. & Candi said...

Kate...aDORable pictures. He is too sweet. We totally miss you guys and really need to talk to you about where to go out here in St. Louis. We've enjoyed it so far but would love a good heads up on where to go. Also, in my search for home decor, I've been pretty disappointed. However, I love the fun, funky fabrics you use for your Lovey wipe cases. Where do you get it? Call me sometime. I still have the same cell #. Later!

emily and adrian said...

Have you ever been to Pryde's here in KC...it's in Westport, and they have every Fiesta dish there is. It's the ultimate kitchen store, and locally owned...amazing! They carry our dishes too and I stay away for that reason. Anyway, you should go the next time you feel the need to splurge...call me before you go, no wait, don't!
I am jealous of the jewelry store. That's worth the drive alone!