Rock the Vote!

OK Everyone - I Need Your Help! Good Morning America did a segment this weekend called "Intern Superstar" and my cousin ShaLyse along with one other intern were chosen to sing original songs on air and then the American public gets to choose which one is the best. ShaLyse has the most amazing voice, but now we need your help and your votes to make her win. She is an amazing person and an absolute doll, so please take just a few seconds today and tomorrow and vote.

You can VOTE here. Just click on ShaLyse Walker!!!

You can listen to her Song here.
Please vote now as voting ends Wednesday at midnight. Thanks!


ShaLyse said...

Thanks Kate!!! You're the bomb.

Brad.Lindsey.Lexi.Rowen said...

I voted. She did a great job!

Micaela said...


I just wanted to give a quick hey to you guys! Nate and I sang together for a few years in good 'ol S.O.S. :) Your little boy is a doll, a perfect combination of you two. Tell Nate I said hello and come check out our blog at www.happythomasfamily.blogspot.com


nukaya said...

Hey guys, Hayden is so adorable! He is growing up so fast! Hope all is well with you guys.
Chris and Tiffani