haunted halloween ...

We had such a fun Halloween this year and it wouldn't be complete without a few picture of our
little dragon! Hayden absolutely loved Halloween this year and he totally figured out the
whole Trick or Treat thing!
We also went to our town's Trunk R Treat with Hayden's friends Luke and Chloe. They had the
big fire truck out with it's light on and ladder extended. Needless to say, Hayden thought it
was the coolest thing in the entire world and couldn't stop talking about it. The only problem
was, he kept getting the "F" and the "T" in fire truck mixed up, so he kept saying "Tire $#*@"
I also wanted to add in a little video of Hayden reading his favorite book, Woodchuck Chuck by
Richard McDermott. Nate's cousin, Scott Wakefield did the amazing illustrations in the book and
Hayden absolutely loves it. Nate recorded the second part of the video without Hayden knowing
he was recording, so that's why the video is a little funny. Whenever we pull out the video camera,
all Hay wants to do is push the buttons and play with it, so Nate had to be sneaky to get this cute video.
And last but not least, I had to throw in these cute picture of my little man. They don't have
the cutest smiles in either of them, but they still melt my heart.
Happy Fall!


Tiff and Dave said...

Super cute Kate! Halle just looked at the computer and said "Hayden!" She loves her cousin! The fire %uck is pretty dang funny!! That's one of those things that you can't help but have your kid say truck just to make you laugh. It was fun seeing Nate even though it was only for a couple of minutes. Hope he gets a spot in Poky. Sure love you guys! Hope you are feel well!

Tiff and Dave said...

Feeling well! :)

aLi said...

Oh that made me laugh when I read about the "firetruck" part!!!! Hilarious! It reminds me of when they're trying to say shirt, but the "R" doesn't quite come out. (I remember Luke saying in one Sunday in sacrament meeting and we were dying of laughter!)

Kate your pictures are so beautiful. Your new camera is awesome. And Hayden is turning into such a handsome kid.

tara said...

Love the dragon pics! Hayden is so cute and such a good little boy Ü

emily and adrian said...

oh yes...VERY cute. I am sad, because we had a dragon costume for vaughn but he REFUSED to wear the heavy head/hood.
I missed the townhomes trick or treating this year! Were you Glampira again? I hope so!!
Miss y'all.

elizabeth said...

Hayden looks so grown up in that last picture. Very cute pictures Kate.

sophia said...

We are all sitting here laughing. Hallie even loved the storytime by Hay Hay. Cole loved it all too. Maddie cracked up at the tire &%*@# !!!! Oh we love you and your cute posts. The Jones crew

Lacey, Kellen & Beck said...

That video is THE cutest!! What a smart boy. I can't believe how big he is.

Chels and Blake said...

I love the little hidden video of Hayden reading chuck! So cute!!! Miss you guys!