baby girl, 2 year old girl, & 27 year old girl

Boy, have we had one exciting week. Or should I say GIRL!!!  Yes, that's right - we found out last Thursday that baby number 3 is another little GIRL!  We couldn't be more excited (well everyone but Hayden).  He was pretty sad at first to not be having a baby brother, but is slowly warming up to the idea.  We feel so blessed to welcome another beautiful baby into our home and are so grateful that everything looked good on the ultrasound.  
Along with the baby girl in my tummy, my other baby girl is growing up too fast.  Cora Jane and I celebrated our birthdays on April 23rd and had such a fun day celebrating.  We started off the day bright and early so Nate could see her open her presents before work.  From there, we went Visiting Teaching and then Mimi and my Aunt Sally came up for lunch.  It was a wonderful day spent with wonderful people.  We are two lucky girls! 
A few nights before, we had the missionaries over for dinner, so I thought it was the perfect excuse to make a cute birthday cake.  Coco loved it also and as we were about to sing to her, she broke out in her own rendition that went: 
"Happy Birthday to You" - and then she blew out her candle.  
It was the cutest thing ever!  We then relit the candle and gave her a proper Happy Birthday!
 Birthday morning was a bit like Christmas around here - at least that's what Nate said.  We gave her a kitchen set that I found on Craigslist and then repainted and it turned out darling.  She and Hayden were in heaven and haven't stopped playing with it since.  It was a lot of work, but so worth the reward.  
 She was also spoiled by her Grandma's and Grandpa's and loves all of the presents she received.  Spoiled little girl!  One funny story - when we were Visiting Teaching that morning, both of the women we see asked Cora what she got for her birthday and both times she responded, "a baby doll."  Of course, the little baby doll from Remi, Crew, and Cash was the favorite present from the morning, not the kitchen.  Figures!
 For lunch we went to Sun Dog which is a little lunch cafe here in Victor that is my favorite. It was delicious as always and we had a wonderful afternoon chatting and stuffing ourselves silly.
 And for memories sake, the dreaded fake smile that all kids seem to inherit.  Whenever the camera comes out, this is Cora's favorite smile (if you can call it that!).  Makes for some awesome pictures, right!
 In other news, our house is now a home - with the addition of a trampoline.  Nate picked this baby up on Black Friday and we have been waiting for the snow to melt so we could set it up.  After having to redo every step on the instructions at least twice, we finally got it finished and have been loving it ever since!
 Hayden is also still madly in love with his Lego Guy collection and plays with them constantly.  After "quiet time" one day, (aka: Mom and Cora need a nap so Hayden has to occupy himself) he came in to show me this gem - a huge stack of Lego heads.  He was so proud!
 We feel so blessed to be a family of four, soon to be five, and can't wait to welcome our new little sweetheart in September.  Now if we could only come up with a name!


Aby Runyan said...

I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congratulations! It's so great you'll have sisters, yay!

luvs, aby

Jessie said...

Happy birthday!! That is so fun that you and Cora share a birthday--you both look beautiful! And congrats on the new little lady!! So much fun.

I am in LOVE with the play kitchen you refinished!! That is amazing! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for one online. It really does look so great!

Amy said...

Kate that kitchen is ADORABLE!!! And I totally spaced and forgot Cora and you had the same birthday! Looks like fun celebrations! Such cuties! Hope you are feeling well!

Annalece said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Another girl! I didn't even know you were expecting again. How exciting for little Cora to be a big sister to another little princess.

I honestly can't get over that play kitchen. Cutest thing I have ever seen. You are so amazing.

Margaret said...

SOOOOO exciting!!!! And I'm super impressed with the kitchen you painted. You definitely have to come up with another cute name, you don't want her to be jealous of Cora.