first weeks home

How blessed we have felt over the last two weeks to have little Ruby in our lives.  She has brought so much joy and gladness into our home along with a lot of sleepless nights.  I can't get over how sweet she is and how much fun it is to have a newborn around.
It is crazy just how small Rubby really is and how big Hayden and Cora seem now that she is around!
Thankfully, my mom was able to spend the first few days with us and then when she had to go back home, my sister Ali came up to help.  I don't know what I would have done without them!  My mom stocked our freezer and spoiled the kids rotten and Ali kept me sane and she and her girls provided comic relief when I needed it most.  They also stayed up with Ruby during those first few nights when she didn't know the difference between morning and night.  Thank you Mom and Ali so much!
Nate has also been amazing during this crazy time.  He is so good to stay up with Ruby when she doesn't want to go to sleep at night and has been wonderful with Hayden and Cora.
Not to worry - I haven't forgotten my other two kids.  Hayden has been so excited all summer for preschool to start.  He absolutely loves school and comes home every school day with a new song that he has learned and new stories to share with us.
Cora Jane is a cute as ever and loves being the big sister.  She is a barrel of fun and seriously makes me belly laugh several times a day.
And for your viewing pleasure, 3 videos from this summer that just make me smile.
How in the world did I ever get so lucky.


Ali said...

Darling post! I miss all your kids! (and u)

Ali said...

Darling post! I miss all your kids! (and u)

hmcclintock said...

Ruby is soooooo sweet. Congratulations!

Amy said...

Please have tons of babies! They are gorgeous!! Miss your cute kiddos!

Margaret said...

In the profile pic of you holding Ruby I saw a lot Hayden in her. She's beautiful and like Cora has the most beautiful hair.

Jace and Whitney said...

Hi, you dont know me but I know the George Family (Chris is my age) so I follow your blog here and there. I think you have the cutest taste and I am dying to know where you got your orange chevron curtains? I have looked online but haven't seen anything like them.