growing, growing

Oh how I love these little chickies!  Life around here over the past 8 weeks has been crazy (to say the least!), 
but so much fun.  Ruby has added a whole new dimension to our lives and I don't know what we ever did without her 
- We are all smitten!
When Ruby was only a few weeks old, my parents and niece and nephew came up to meet Ruby and to see Hayden's primary program.  While they were here, we headed to Jackson and rode the tram up the mountain. Sadly it was really hazy that day because of all the fires around, but the views were still amazing and we had such a fun day.
In other news, Coco is still as girly as they come and seriously makes me laugh every single day!
Hayden is also mildly obsessed with Ruby and hugs and kisses (mauls) her every chance he gets.  Ruby is growing like a weed and I seriously wish I could make time slow down!  She is filling right out and her cheeks and double chin are getting bigger by the day.  She loves to make the whistling face whenever she sees something new.
Life is good!

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Margaret said...

the lip gloss picture is too die for! she is sooo beautiful and her hair is gorgeous!