Playing Catch Up ...

I have so much to catch up on and so many cute pictures to share.  Back in November, we left the cold and snow
 to live it up in Mesa with sweet Tricia and Butch.  We had a great time and loved every second of our time there.  
Can we just be snow bunnies already?
It is still crazy to me to think that I have 3 kiddos.  That makes me sound sooooo old, 
but I have loved every second of my time with Ruby so far.  She fills each day with sunshine.
We have gotten a ton of snow this winter and our kids absolutely love everything that goes along with it - 
sledding, snowmen, skiing, red cheeks - you name it.
Santa also visited our favorite little restaurant - Brakeman.  Hay and Coco thought it was amazing that 
Santa and his elf would come all the way to Victor to have lunch.  It was a fun afternoon!
Another favorite tradition continued with the return of Sparky, our Elf on the Shelf.  Sparky was pretty tricky at 
the first of December and gave the kids a good laugh every morning with his funny antics.  
But then he got lazy and kept staying in the same place night after night.  Explain that one!?!
Christmas Sunday is always one of my favorite days of the year and this one was no different.  I love celebrating 
the birth of our Savior with a beautiful Sacrament Meeting filled with touching music.
Christmas was spent this year at my parents house in Utah. It was so fun to be able to celebrate with all of our 
family and the kids fully embraced the magic of Christmas.  Cora was overjoyed with every little present and 
made us all giggle at her excitement over the smallest things.
The traditional cousin picture on the stairs.
My favorite story of the year came from Coco Bean.  Whenever someone would ask her what she wanted Santa Claus to bring her, she would respond without hesitation, "A tandy bar."  She is so easy to please - or so I thought!  Santa brought her favorite treat, a box of Junior Mints and I thought we had hit the nail on the head.  Haha!  No sir!  Cora came down the stairs and immediately said, "But where's my tandy bar?"  I guess Junior Mints don't count as a candy bar!  Epic FAIL!
This Chistmas, Santa returned to the 1980's and brought our kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Barbies.  Classic!
The ever present plumber bum!
My very favorite pictures of the year, my 90 year old Grandma Floss with her 35th great-grandchild.
Luke and Ali's Mason is 6 weeks older than Ruby and we always crack up whenever they are together.  
Mason is a giant compared to Ruby and we got some good proof of it over Christmas.  He is a so 
long with the biggest hands and feet - but oh is he ever handsome!  I would steal him in a heartbeat.  
Thank goodness Mason is the bigger one and not the other way around!
I am so sad that this is the only picture I got of Nate's birthday - the big 3 - 0.  Man is he getting old!  
Thank you for filling each day with joy and love.  I can't imagine my life with out you.
One of the things we love most about our little Valley are all of the fun activities they have to break up the incredibly long winter.  One of our favorites is the Great Snow Fest and the amazing snow sculptures that pop up every February.
Hayden is also our little gymnast.  He has been doing so good in gymnastics 
and it is a welcome break from the snow every week.  
Ruby's hair is a crack up.  It grows so fast and she has already had several haircuts in her short 5 months.  
A few weeks ago, I realized it was long enough for her first piggy tail.  She looked so cute with it, 
but way too old!  That night it was time for another cut.
She melts me.
 Valentines was great this year.  Hayden and Cora were so excited to make their valentines and share 
them with all of their friends.  Hayden gave out bubbles that said "You Blow Me Away, Valentine" 
and Cora gave goldfish that said "Will you O"fish"ally Be My Valentine."  Hayden worked so hard to 
write all of his friends names on his valentines and it is so fun to watch him grow up!
 We hope this finds you all happy and heathy this winter.  
If you are craving the snow and a little ski trip, you know where to find us!


Ryan & Amanda said...

Kate, you seriously have such beautiful kids!! They are adorable, and you are such a great mom!!

Amy said...

Love this update! You guys have bene super busy this month! I love how little Ruby is an adorable mix of Hayden and Cora! Love your little family!
ps- Nate 30? he is getting old! :) we won't ever be that old!