Preschool Graduation

Do we not live in the most amazing place!  Here is a little recap of our past month - 
My mom came up for a few days with my cute nieces Saige and Cassie.  We went to the Elk Refuge in Jackson 
and it was such a fun afternoon and trip.  
Coco fell asleep mid-wagon ride and it was a treat for me!  
How often does your almost three year old fall asleep in your arms?  Love her!
Coco is such a ham right now.  She is the queen of "I can do it myself" - 
thus the helmet on the side of her head.  Miss Independent!

Coco got an early birthday present from Papa and Mimi and was spoiled rotten!
Sunday drive
Happy Mother's Day to Me!
I was so lucky to have my sweet friend from high school, Annalece, come and visit me in my tiny little town.  
She brought her adorable little girl and she and Ruby were two peas in a pod.  
I just wish we lived closer!  Thanks again for visiting, Annie!
And, once again, I feel legitimately old!  Hayden is now a preschool graduate!  Miss Cathy was so wonderful this year and made Hayden feel like he owned the world.  Their program was quite honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen!  They did a play of Snow White and Hayden was Prince Charming.  What a little stud!
Overall, it was a great month.  I can't believe my kids are growing up so quickly and I often wish I could freeze time, 
but I wouldn't want it any other way!

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Amy said...

I agree your kids are growing up way faster than they should be! :) Such a cute post!