Easter Weekend

Well - life has been good to us lately. Nate started his Spring Break week a little early by skipping class on Friday and we went to the zoo. Hayden didn't quite get it, but it was cute to see him look at the animals and take in the new scenery. Saturday, we went to our townhome Easter Egg Hunt (don't worry - I wasn't one of those crazy moms who picks up the easter eggs for their baby!) and then went shopping a bit. Then we had a great Easter Sunday with Tricia and Butch. We are on the countdown to Tuesday when we are leaving for San Diego for a few days and then the next Thursday, we are going back to Idaho to see Nate's little brother Freddie who is getting home from his mission from Madagasgar...lots of fun things to look forward too! Also 0f note - my brother Luke and his wife Ali are having a baby! We're so excited for you both!

Here is Hayden in his darling Easter outfit from Mimi. Nate said that Hayden will kill me someday for taking a picture of him with these ears on, but I thought they were pretty cute!

We went to Tricia and Butch's house for dinner today and Hayden thought their little dog Ella was the funniest thing ever! Here is just a little picture of how big his smiles were and then there is a video after of him just giggling at her. Nate was bribing Ella with a piece of ham making her jump up by Hayden and he loved it!

At the Kansas City Zoo!

Handen has also just recently started finding his thumb. He doesn't exactly suck on it, but he likes to have it in there. He loves to suck on his hand and his thumb keeps finding it's way in there. Here he is a the zoo looking at the monkeys.

Just a few last things - We have been practicing sitting up with Hayden lately (not because we are particulary good parents, but because he is getting his picture taken when I am home in Utah in a couple of weeks and I want him to be able to sit up!). He is starting to do pretty good and I thought this sullen face of his was the cutest!

Last but not least - we have been getting Spring Fever around here and our new favorite thing to do is go out to the swings behing our house with Hayden in the sling. The first time I took him out, I couldn't really tell if he liked it but when we went back in the house and I took him out of the sling, he started screaming like he wanted to get back in. Now when we are out there, he squeals and loves it.


Luke and Ali Stewart said...

That is so cute! I love that picture with the ears. We are so excited for you guys to come and we can munch on the little man!

emily and adrian said...

The picture with you and your little Hayden in the swing is wonderful!

Natasha Ireland said...

Hello. My name is Natasha... I was a year older then Nathan, You'll have to tell him I said hello. Your family is so beautiful. Our family went to the KS Zoo two summers ago...it's HUGE HUH and so cool. Just wanted to say hi. :)