Our Life

So, not a lot has been going on in our lives lately but we did catch this little video of Hayden laughing last night that is pretty cute. He is starting to giggle a lot more and it is fun to see his little personality coming through. He is getting so big, it's scary and he's definetely not a little baby anymore! He loves to stand up and is learning to sit up better each day!


Here are also a few cute pics of him that we caught over the past few weeks.

Hayden's first carousel ride. Nate thought I was a dork for wanting to take Hayden on it, but I think he really liked it. He just stared at the horse behind us the entire time!


Haylee said...

Hey Kate!!

This is Haylee! Amanda told me about your blog and told me about your little boy! He is so adorable! I am due with my 2nd child May 8th and it's a girl so I am excited. My blog is hayleeandcolter.blogspot.com

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

Hey there! He is getting so dang big. He is kinda looking like Cole in a way to me. Hope all is well~

The Wehrmeister's said...

He is super handsome. Aren't they at a fun age? I really like all the smiling and laughs.

Tiff and Dave said...

What a cute little man! He is sure getting big, and I'm excited to see him....and you guys of course!

Josh & Kenna said...

Um...holy cow...Kate you're a mom. (you probably completely realize this right?)

He's adorable, as are you. It's been a while, but it looks like you are doing well...and I'm stoked for you!

Drop me a line sometime huh? I do the blog thing too...