happy new year ...

Sorry we've been MIA for so long, but we have been back in Utah and Idaho visiting family. We had an amazing break and Christmas holiday, but are happy to be back home in Missouri. During our trip, Hayden learned how to officially walk, is saying a few more words, and is much more mischievous! He learned to dreaded "no" word from his cousins and is now using it regularly. We also celebrated Nate's 26th birthday with our first official night away from Hayden. (Thanks again Mom for watching him!) It was great to spend time with family and be pampered! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the break. Hayden found Aunt Sadie's hat and thought he was so cool.
Back in Utah, the Christmas holiday season officially started for me when we went to see my two nieces, Maddie and Sophie in The Nutcracker. Growing up, we went to The Nutcracker every year, and it has always ushered in the Christmas season for me. They were the cutest little Party Girl and Baffoon!
Here are all of the grandkids on my side of the family on Christmas Eve. It was so great just to be home and enjoy everyone!
Nate's sister Chelsie also got an early Christmas present with the arrival of little Cash. We are so excited for you guys!
Another highlight of the trip was having my bestie Lacey (Revolution Photography) take our pictures. She is so talented and such a good eye for photography. They turned out so great - I can't wait to have them all printed up and framed!

This break, I also had a lot of extra hands to help with Hayden, so I took full advantage and got in some good reading. Three books that I highly recommend are Left to Tell, by Immaculee Ilibagiza, The Christmas Sweater, by Glenn Beck, and The Last Lecture, but Randy Pauch. I was especially inspired by Left to Tell which is one woman's story of the Rwandan holocaust in the mid 90's. She hid in a tiny bathroom with eight other women for three months to avoid being murdered just because she was born the wrong race. If you have a few days, please pick up this book - it is life altering.

One last note - Santa found us both in Utah and Missouri and Hayden was surprised with a new fire engine when we got home yesterday. He is pretty cute!
Happy New Year!


Nukaya said...

It was so nice to see you guys! Left to Tell is one of my most favorite books of all time! In fact, she was in the fourth of july parade last year, and it was so amazing to see her in real life.

Brad.Lindsey.Lexi.Rowen said...

I have not read Left to Tell, but I think it is the same woman who came to speak at our Stake YW Camp two years ago. If not their stories are very similar and amazing. I'll definately be reading the book. It was good to see you in December. Hayden is an adorable little boy. I love him to pieces.

elizabeth said...

Beautfiul family photos. It's good to have you guys back!

M&M Wilkerson Family said...

I LOVE your family photos! You are so beautiful and wow, those background scenes are breathtaking! Is that what ID looks like?! If your friend comes to MO, let me know! Hayden looks so cute and happy on his fire truck too!

This Is Our Heaven.... said...

I love those pictures of you guys!!!!!! how awesome!