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Well, it's Sunday night at 7:45 pm and both of my boys are asleep. Good for Hayden, dorky for Nate. We had ward conference today and Nate was up bright and early and at the church all day in meetings. I guess he deserves a late nap/early bed time, right?

Isn't he the cutest!

One funny story for you - Hayden's crib used to be right next to the window in his room. A few weeks ago, he woke up from his morning nap and just played up in his crib for like an hour. Now, this is not like him at all. He will usually last for about 5 minutes before he starts whining and wanting to get out. After an hour, I went up to check on him and low and behold, he had the window shade pulled back and he was just looking out the window at the playground behind our house. He was happy as can be. I thought it was cute and didn't think much about it until I went to lay him down for his afternoon nap and he wouldn't go to sleep. Every time I would go in to get him to lay back down, he would be looking out the window. Needless to say, I had to rearrange his entire room and move the twin sized bed over by the window and put his crib against the other wall. It doesn't look as cute, but what do you do! Now his favorite thing is to stand on the bed and look out the window.

Hayden also got his first major bonk last week. We were playing outside and he fell hard and didn't even try to catch himself. Sadly, his nose took the brunt of the fall. He got a sucker afterword to make up for it. A few days later, it looked really bed when the whole tip of his nose scabbed over and he looked like Rudolph!

In other fun news, my brother Luke and his wife Ali had their first baby on February 10th. Baby Evan Luke weighed in at a whopping 9 lb. 12 oz., the same that Luke weighed when he was born. You are Superwoman, Ali!
In all, life is good for us right now. I feel like I run around all day and never seem to get anything accomplished. Hayden literally runs around all day and manages to destroy everything within arms reach, and Nate is busy as ever with too many things to count!

One last note - I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow night's Bachelor! My girlfriends and I get together every Monday night for a little girl time and this is our favorite show. I'm lovin' on Jillian, but I think he's going to choose Melissa in the end. We'll see! Oh, and I think DeAnna comes back tomorrow night. Drama!


Nukaya said...

We watch it every monday night too! Poor chris, but I think he secretly likes it! We love to see your pictures. We miss you guys!

This Is Our Heaven.... said...

Ouchy!!! That breaks my heart when they get bad ouchies like that. But that cracked me up when i read that he was look out of his window at the park. he's getting to big!!

I'm anxious to see the drama explode when DeAnna comes back! LOVE BACHELOR DRAMA!!! lol.

Tiff and Dave said...

Fun post Kate! Soooo sorry about Hay Hay's little bonk! Ouch! I have to admit that I am very excited about The Bachelor tonight also. I wish I had some friends to watch it with! Also, thank you so much for the cute little Valentines package for the girls! They loved the little crowns. Sounds like you are getting more done during the day then you think! I bought the Valentines stuff but never got them sent! Sorry! Can't wait to see you guys again!

gordyandaliandkids said...

Kate - I loved seeing Hay Hay in the video clips. I remember Els learning her body parts. How cute. Seeing him go through these stages makes me so sad I'll never see Cole again with little goose eggs on his forehead again. Enjoy each day. The kiddies loved their valentine - we talked about getting one off to Hayden but never got around to it!!! Such is my life. Love ali

Kenna said...

That kid is straight up adorable.

Thanks for the comment. Of all the photogs that peeps recommended, I loved Lacey's work. She said she would do it, and I'm stoked.

You should get a free photo shoot or something for referring me.

I like to keep up on your blog too Missy. Hope all is well.