the good life ...

Oh, what a fun few weeks we have had recently. The weather has been crazy. One day, you are in your winter duds and the next, it's shorts and flip flops! We have taken full advantage of all the fun things KC has to offer by visiting the cutest Wizard of Oz exhibit, virtually every park in the area, and shopping a little too much. Here's Hayden following the yellow brick road and using his new found independence to explore the world.

A few weeks ago was also the annual Harmon Lip Sync Fest. Nate really didn't want to do it, but I insisted, so the day of, we threw our skit together, visited the local Goodwill store and found these sexy clothes. We were 80's aerobic instructors and channelled our inner Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda. I wanted to post the video, but Husband absolutely refused!
My birthday also came a month early with a new toy, a Nikon D60. It has been so fun to play around with, but the highlight has been that I can actually take a cute picture of Hayden. With my point and shoot camera, it would take so long to take the picture that Hayden would be long gone by the time it finally snapped.

We also just got back from a trip to Mesa, AZ to visit Tricia and Butch and Nate's parents. Husband's dad was attending a dental course there, and I had the pleasure of being the patient and Nate was the assistant. But hey, I'll trade a trip to Arizona for a trip to the dentist any day! It was great to relax by the pool and spend some time with family.

My cute boy!


Aby Runyan said...

Gotta love a good camera! I know I've cursed my camera more times then I can count.
Cute cute pics!
luvs, aby

Lyndee said...

SLR + Cute kid = priceless memories!

Nice shorts Nate!!

Court and Britt said...

You guys are ROCKIN' those 80's outfits!! I LOVE the pictures with your new camera!! I am SO jelous, I want one SOOO bad:) Hayden is so stinkin' cute (I got Jax that same vest & shorts:). We NEED to get together before Court and I move!! I am sad that we only live 15 minutes away and we never see you.

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

Cute pics! That is a way nice birthday gift!!!