may in review ...

Here's a random smattering of pictures of our last month.  We are so excited the weather is turning 
warm here - there is no place like Idaho during the Summer.  It is paradise!
While we were in Utah last month, I had Cora's 2 year old pictures taken by the talented Lindsey Wright.  She was so great with Coco and had the most darling backdrops.  I wish Cora would have smiled a little more - each smile required hair pulling on my part - but in the end, there are a few gems to remember my sweet girl at this fun age.

Nate's sister Chelsie and her kids came up for a Saturday a few weeks ago while Nate was in Chicago at a dental conference.  We had such a fun time together and there is nothing like cute cousins playing and enjoying each other.  While she was here, we packed in a day full of fun and visited Bear World and the Riot Zone, two of my kids favorite places.  Bear World is just what it sounds like, a drive through bear park where you can see tons of crazy bears, 
ride rides, and feed the animals.  A kids paradise, right!
Over the Memorial Day weekend, we loaded up the car and headed for St. George with my side of the family.  
It was such a fun weekend filled with pools, Zion's National Park, and plenty of good food and family.
Zion's was absolutely breathtaking and we loved every minute of our time there. I can't wait to go back when 
I am not pregnant and miserable so we can explore a little more!
Nate's sister Tiffany also lives in St. George, so we were also able to spend a night with her and her cute family.  At the swimming pool by their house, Hayden surprised us all by putting on some goggles and really putting his head under water.  He has been a bit of a pansy about getting his eyes wet in the past, so this was an awesome improvement.  Now if we only had a swimming pool closer so we could swim more!
Last but not least, we are just really happy here in our small Idaho town.  It is a place I never expected to find myself, but as we reach the year anniversary of our move here, I am more and more convinced that it is where we are supposed to be.  I love the slower pace of things and the easy going atmosphere that resounds here.  It is a bit inconvenient at times, but that also helps me realize that there are so many things you can do without.  After a year here, I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.  Here's to good things to come!


Margaret said...

I loved this post! I am so glad that your have found so much happiness in your new home. And your kids are so dang cute it's insane, can't wait to see what this second little girl looks like.

Amy said...

Look at all your fun times! I almost can't stand to look at your blog, because we need to be neighbors again! Neighbors in Idaho (Omaha is not as glorious!)And your kids are too cute-I can't say it enough! Tell Nate and your kids hello for us!