Oh Summertime - How we love you!  There is seriously nothing better than summer in Idaho and we have 
lived it up.  Summer started with a trip to Lake Powell.  The kids had such a great time and I loved relaxing 
and soaking up the beautiful weather.
We then continued the fun with all of the George cousins at Papa and Mimi's house.  We roasted marshmallows, 
went to the Rigby parade, and had fun at the Riot Zone.
We were also lucky enough to see Grandma Jone from Kansas City who came to Idaho to see her family.  We are so 
lucky to have her in our lives and loved seeing her at Tautphaus Park after a long year away.
There is nothing quite like the 4th of July in Victor.  For such a small town, we really know how to throw a party!  The parade is like nothing I have seen before and there were soooo many people there!  There is also an amazing celebration at Huntsman Springs with food, fun, an air show, speaker, and amazing fireworks.   We were lucky enough to have my Mom, sister Ali and her kids, and my Grandma Floss come up to celebrate.  We had a great time at the 4th of July celebration and loved our mini trip to West Yellowstone to see "Annie Get your Gun" at the Playmill Theatre.
Nate and his dental office were also in the parade.  We dressed up a razor off-road car and 4 cute teenage girls as the Mountain River Tooth Fairy's.  Hayden rode along and loved being the center of attention!
Around our house, the kids have been great at finding ways to entertain themselves.  Hayden rediscovered his hilarious turtle backpack and wears it around constantly.  Nate also had a big scouting High Adventure campout, so the night after, he set up the tent again for the kids to enjoy.  We thought they would love sleeping outside, but they only made it to about 9:30 pm before they were ready for their own beds.  Oh well - it was worth a try!
We have also loved playing at Papa and Mimi's house and riding our bikes.  Snow cones are also a summertime favorite after our gardening class at the nursery.  The kids never let me get away with just going home afterward!
As for our past weekend, we lived it up in Spanish Fork for the 24th of July.  I have such great memories of Fiesta Days so I wanted my kids to have the same fun.  We did everything they had to offer - the children's parade, music in the park, fair food, carnival, rodeo, and parade.

Sadly, Hayden got a flu bug while we were there and wasn't 
himself for all the fun.  But we pressed on and made the most of it.
We have had such a great summer and can't wait for all of the fun ahead.  I have 6 weeks left of this pregnancy and am feeling good, but am ready to have our new little lady join the family.  The kids are super excited for a new sis and come up with the funniest names for her every day.  we can't wait for her big arrival!


Aby Runyan said...

No fair that you get the be the rockin'est pregnant lady ever! We continue to miss the George's here in KC but don't suppose that our continuous temps of 105 degrees would lure you back. Dang.
I gotta say, your gorgeous posts always make me want to move to Idaho!

luvs, aby

Amy said...

I can't look at your blog anymore :) I miss you guys like crazy! It looks like a crazy fun summer! Love all the pictures!

aLi said...

I agree with Aby and Amy. Idaho looks gorgeous!!! We miss you guys like crazy!!! It's been too long!!!! The picture with Grandma Jone just about did me in. I love that lady.
I can't believe how big Cora is. Pig tails down to her shoulders?! :)
I'm so happy for you guys. I think Victor is where it's at!!!

Margaret said...

can't wait for her arrival! it's gotta be super soon now. love all the pictures of your darling family. summertime is the best.