Introducing Ruby Kate

Ruby Kate
August 29th, 2012
11:13 am
5 lb. 11 oz. - 19 1/2 inches

We are beyond excited to welcome little Ruby into our family.  She was very anxiously awaited by her older brother and sister and we feel so blessed that she has joined our family safely.  What a miracle - We are over the moon!


Ali said...

I love her already!!!

Aby Runyan said...

Goodness sakes, what a teeny tiny babe! Congrats to you all, she's beautiful and oh so sweet!

luvs, aby

Shawna said...

Oh man! I am loving that awesome hair! She is such a little doll! So you look totally amazing in those pictures..like did you actually have that baby or did they just hand it to you when you walked in the door!? No, really I am sure you worked hard for little Ruby but you look too good to have just had a baby! I love the sisters picture and the one of Grandpa holding the baby! so cute! Good luck with THREE now!!

Lyndee said...

Congratulations George Family!! Ruby is beautiful, just like her mama. I'm so excited for you guys!!

Dane and Jessica said...

Oh my goodness she absolutely beautiful!! And you are so small at 9 months pregnant! Congratulations!