Shout Hooray!

Last week we celebrated Hayden's 5th birthday.  I mean seriously - do I really have a 5 year old!  Say it isn't so!  Hayden is such sweet, funny, endearing little guy and he fills each day with such joy.  I love my little man!
The week of his birthday, he got to be "boss" at preschool and boy did he think that was great!  We made a poster of all of his favorite things and he got to tell everyone about it.  He also took his favorite treat for his friends - skittles!
For his birthday, Hayden wanted to carve pumpkins, so we headed to my cousins cute pumpkin patch in Idaho Falls to pick out the perfect pumpkins.  Then on the night of his birthday we carved them and watch a movie.  He was in heaven!
For his birthday, Hayden got a new bike and some Batman Legos.  He was one happy guy!  The next week we had an awesome Lego party with all of his little friends.  It was such a fun party, complete with a pinata, Lego candy and crayons, and lots of fun memories.
We love you Hayden - more than words can say!  In your words, it was the best birthday ever!

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Jessie said...

You are such an awesome mom!! How in the world did you make those lego crayons?? As always, everything looks great and it really does look like the best birthday ever!