Super Hero Halloween

Happy Halloween from Batman and Wonder Woman!  
We had such a fun Halloween this year and had many opportunities to dress up and celebrate.  The kids costumes turned out so cute and Halloween continues to be one of my favorite holidays!
Even Ruby got in on the fun with this darling outfit from my Aunt Margaret.
She and Cora were the cutest little tutu-ed  Halloween girls!
For a party at our friends house, Hayden dressed up as a knight in costume #2.  Cora rocked it in her Halloween get-up.
While we were heading out to go trick or treating tonight we randomly passed the Headless Horseman! Only in Victor!
In other news - Ruby is a dream and I love her so much!
Coco just keeps getting cuter (and naughtier) and we had our first snow of the season.  Bring it on!


Sherry said...

Such cute costumes! And Hayden's birthday looks so fun!

Jessie said...

So cute!! All three of your kids are adorable! And I loved your comment about the headless horseman...except it doesn't happen only in Victor! Nephi had one too :)

Margaret said...

awesome costumes, halloween is so fun with little kids to dress up and parade around.

Isabelle said...

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