all that i love ...

Spring Fever

Five Guys Burgers and Fries after a long day
Nap Time
Freshly Painted Toe Nails
Smores Fresh off the Fire
Being Prepared
Family Time
A Good Read
My Lovey
(Picture courtesy of my 4 year old niece, Cassie)

My's list of 10 things that make me incredibly happy (in no particular order):
10. Driving with my windows down, the radio turned way up, and singing my heart out.
9. Fresh sheets
8. Friday's Live on Oprah 
7. Getting completely lost in a good book
6. A crisp crease down the center of my jeans
5. A phone call from my mom or sister
4. A great deal
3. Hayden's overjoyed squeals when Nate walks in the door
2. Quiet time with my hubby
1. Watching Hayden discover the world

Husband's list of 10 things that make him incredibly happy:
10. Family vacations
9.  Going to the gym
8. Working with the Latin people
7. A clean house and a home cooked meal
6. The end of finals week
5. Patients that complement me on my dental treatment
4. Date night with my wife
3. Tired drive home after a long Sunday of service
2. Playing, tickling, and cuddling with my little boy
1. Spending quality time with my family

Hayden's list of 10 things that make him incredibly happy:
10. A new toy - this week's addition: a golf club set
9. Being free to run and jump and play outside
8. Sharing a popsicle with my daddy 
7. Ritz crackers when I'm out running errands with mom
6. Nakey time!
5. Daddy coming home
4. Barney
3. Feeding myself with a fork and a spoon and not letting anyone help me
2. Balls, balls, and more balls
1. Did I mention, I love being outside!


Aby Runyan said...

I am very jealous of those toes, I need to get mine into a professional pronto!
luvs, aby

emily and adrian said...

I bet you painted those toes yourself...because everything you do is pro!
Looks like you are getting the hang of that new camera. Love the shots!

Ali said...

Loved the lists. This is one of my favorite entries I have seen on a blog.

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

That picture is so cute with the big group- next time we will have to get everyone!

ShaLyse Walker said...

so cute. love that nate did the list. I need a new book. seriously. text me or whatevs a few suggestions!!!