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In honor of my my Mama's birthday, here is a little video for her of her studly little grandson.

Hayden has become obsessed with basketball lately (and golf and baseball, for that matter), so we picked him up a little basketball hoop last night. It is a definite hit! It has rained all day, which generally mean a rough day for everyone, but this hoop has turned into the best babysitter around. He loves it!

Moving back in time - Nate went to New Mexico about a month ago to work in a dental clinic on an Indian reservation. Needless to say, it was a long two weeks and I have a new found respect for single mom's.
But it was also good to have him gone, because I tackled a much needed project, our backyard. Imagine this with your best white trash imagination: knee high weeds everywhere, leaves galore, and just general yuckiness. Now:
Ta Da!! It looks so much better! It was a lot of hard work for me and a lot of Barney for Hayden, but it was so worth it. About half way through laying the paver stones down, I realized I was in way over my head, but there was no backing out then. I rewarded myself with these cute retro chairs.

While Nate was gone, me and Heidi also went this cute little farm here in KC. Her husband was also MIA studying for med school boards and it was so nice to have a friend!

A police officer on a motorcycle also randomly pulled into our little neighborhood a few weeks ago, so my friend Aubre pulled out her camera and got some cute pics of Hayden.

On Thursday night, we had the best ward activity: a Nintendo Wii Bowling Tournament. It was so fun to see everyone from young to old work their magic bowling. Nate and I did pretty well, all things considered. We made it to semi-finals and barely beat out 4 year old and 6 year old team (embarrassing for us, I know). But in the final match, we got smoked by two 12 year old boys. They were crazy good - 7 strikes in a row! I found these Mii people online and thought they kind of look like us. It was a lot of fun.
Life has been good to us this past month and I am so excited to come home to Utah next week and spend some time there. Meanwhile, Nate will be living it up in Honduras working in a dental clinic and relaxing on the beach in Roatan. Jealousy!


elizabeth said...

Your backyard looks great. As does your front yard. I'm glad you found a new healthy babysitter!

Aby Runyan said...

I WANT some tips on how you did those paver stones. I was just telling Jeff tonight that I want to do that in our backyard. Where did you get them? How much do they cost? How do you prep the ground? I have no idea!

luvs, aby

emily and adrian said...

a wonderful life indeed! good job!

US said...

How long are you going to be in Utah? Maybe we could go to lunch or something. We are doing a booth at the bijou, so if you come we will definately see you!

Amy said...

Hayden is the cutest! I love the age he is at! When they learn to say words it is funny to hear what they make them sound like.

Curtis & Nichole said...

Hayden is SO cute. too bad we don't live a little closer because Kumorah is obsessed with balls too....we would have a babysitter for hours with that hoop and the two of them together!

So cute! Your yard looks nice too, good job.