here's to love ...

Dear Mallory,
I think your Wedding was practiclly perfect in every way.
So, I don't know this couple at all, but I think their wedding was absolutely beautiful. If I could do it all over again (which I don't really want to do), I would want mine to be exactly like this. I love the bride's simple off white dress and beautiful, natural hair. I love the groom's dapper grey suit and off the wall socks. I love the bright yellow accents. I love the grooms mens white tennies. I love the beautiful reception - not too showy, but just perfect. I love that the father/daughter dance was to "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns N Roses. I love that they paid attention to every last detail, from the candy to the yellow and white stripped tablecloths. And I particularly love the photography by Rebekah Westover. I have never looked at her work before now, but she is great.

But not to fear, my wedding was also incredibly beautiful. I can't believe it has been four years since then! At my wedding, I loved my beautiful dress, the amazing bouquet and floral arrangements, and my dapper husband in his handsome tux and tie. But what I loved most of all was having all our our favorite people around us to help celebrate.
It couldn't have been more perfect!

One of the simple truths that I have learned over our four years of marriage is that:
So, quite simply baby,
I'm so glad that
Here's to many more years of love, friendship, laughs, kisses, babies, fun, and adventure.
I love you!


aLi said...

Wow! I loved it. Kate, I bet your wedding was absolutely beautiful! I want to see maybe a picture or two of your lovely day.

aLi said...

ooooh la la!! I love your dress! How fun, and you look beautiful! in 4 years you haven't aged even a half minute. (thanks for posting pictures just for me!.... I think. :D love ya Kate!)

Anonymous said...

Kate! Absolutely! I can't even express how lovely it would be to see you! It's been far too long. You just let me know. We do shows every night but Sunday so any night you can come will be great. Just let me know when! You can call or text me to let me know. 801-318-4318. loves.

gordyandaliandkids said...

Will you keep all of these ideas for me in 8 years or so when I might have a wedding to plan???

Sarah (Cleverley) Cutts said...

That's funny you said that about doing yours over like theirs because I remember thinking the same thing at your wedding! I wished I could do mine over like yours. Mine also was nice but it's fun to wish!